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Kebab Party – Some Assembly Required!Kebab Party – Some Assembly Required!
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Grilling Season Is On! Kebab Party Anyone?

Worried about pleasing all your guests with one great meal? Why not try a make-your-own-kebab party?

It’s easy entertaining that makes food preparation part of the fun and ensures that all your guests’ tastes have been satisfied—Your guests will love whipping up their own creative combinations (and you'll love how easy it is).  Even better, request that each guest bring a kebab item to share.

Here are some tips to make this a great party:

Before your guests arrive

  • Presoak the skewers if using wood
  • Marinate your protein for a flavorful and tender bite
  • Precook longer-cooking veggies in the microwave so everything on the skewers cook evenly
  • Provide some sides like green salads, couscous, rice and bread
  • Make or purchase iced tea and lemonade

Set up a convenient Kebab Station

  • Fire up the grill!
  • Create a station for an assembly line close to the grill. I really love my Suncast storage and prep station—it's the perfect size and is really easy to keep clean. It also has storage for grill tools, which you'll need, as well as an oven mitt or two
  • Put out kebab ingredients and pre-soaked or metal skewers
  • Set out sheet pans to hold the skewers once they are made, or put them directly on the grill
  • Allow your guests to get creative!


"I really love my Suncast storage and prep station – it's the perfect size.""I really love my Suncast storage and prep station – it's the perfect size."


Main course ideas

  • Marinated or plain, quick-cooking items like shrimp, strip steak, cubes of chicken breast, fish, Haloumi cheese, tofu (Keep these ingredients in the fridge until the last minute)
  • Veggies like peppers, brussels sprouts, asparagus, zucchini, onions, small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms
  • Flavored oils, Chimichurri sauce and marinades to brush on the kebabs while they cook and to serve on the side


Kebabs and toolsKebabs and tools


Dessert ideas

  • Fruit like pineapple, peaches, watermelon
  • Cubes of brownies or pound cake
  • Marshmallows


How much easier can it be for you to sit back and enjoy your party? Let us know what combinations worked best!


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