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Back-to-School Cleanup TipsBack-to-School Cleanup Tips
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Back-to-School Storage 101

Parents know “back to school” means more than new teachers, new friends and new memories. It means transforming your home inside and out; from swimsuits and backyard barbeques to hand-knit sweaters and cozy fireside evenings. It means packing away your gardening gear, outdoor furniture and other essentials to winterize your space for the chilly months to come.

Your first priority when considering your back-to-school cleanup strategy should be efficiency—full stop. Whether you have a garage, shed, deck box or all of the above, chances are you’re not using the space to its full potential.

Let’s start in the garage. For most people, your walls are probably your single biggest missed opportunity. Install some Suncast slat wall panels and you’ll be amazed at how much floor space you can clear up; hang bikes, long-handled tools and the like, then organize smaller items into cabinets and baskets to optimize organization.


Bicycle storageBicycle storage


In a shed, you’ll often need to consider larger equipment such as a lawnmower or snow blower. Be careful to keep these items unobstructed and in easy reach for whenever you need them next. For everything else, create a system and stick to it! It can be tempting to abandon organization in the interest of saving time—but you’ll only create more problems for yourself in the long run.


Walking to schoolWalking to school


Lastly, consider adding a smaller storage solution to your space that serves a specific function. Instead of piling furniture cushions on a shelf in your shed or garage, consider giving them their own dedicated space in a Suncast deck box. This will not only provide easy access to your everyday essentials, it’ll free up valuable real estate elsewhere!

Study up on the various storage solutions that are out there and you’ll be ready for back-to-school cleanup in no time!