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Hose Reels 101

Choose a Style to Enhance Your Outdoor Space


Suncast offers a wide variety of hose reel configurations, from manual carts to automatic reels.

Hose reels

Never Wind Your Hose Reel Again

The Aquawinder™ Makes Clean-Up Easy

Aquawinder Demo

Suncast automatic rewind units use water pressure to automatically rewind your hose for you.

RSP125 – 125ft. Aquawinder® Auto Rewind Hose Reel

Automatically rewinds your hose with water pressure. Hands-free rewinding with the flip of a lever.

RSW125D – 125ft. Aquawinder® Auto Rewind Hose Reel

Smart Trak™ hose guide winds hose evenly. Includes leader and discharge hoses.

Hands free rewinding with the flip of a lever

  • No getting hands dirty
  • No cranking is easier on the back
  • No tangled hose

The smart way to store your garden hose

  • Holds 125 ft. of standard 5/8 in. vinyl hose
  • Smart Trak hose guide tracks hose evenly on to reel
  • Enclosure protects hose from UV rays
  • Low maintenance durable resin construction
  • Leader hose and discharge tube included
  • Discharged water can be used to water plants and landscapes
Flip of a leaver
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Things to Consider

The easiest way to determine how much hose you’ll need is to think about your typical watering jobs then measure from the spigot to those areas. The diagram to the right can help give you an idea for typical hose lengths.

Hose layout diagram
Some Suggestions:
  • For shrubs and flowers in a bed close to the spigot, you will need about 25-50 feet of hose.
  • For washing your car in the driveway, you could need up to 50 feet of hose.
  • For watering areas that are farther away from the spigot, consider around 75-100 feet of hose.
  • Refer to the chart at the left for estimates based on average home lot sizes in the US. Of course, the amount of hose you’ll need varies based on the size of your yard.