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Changing Seasons: Let Your Suncast Shed Work for You! Changing Seasons: Let Your Suncast Shed Work for You!

Changing Seasons: Let Your Suncast Shed Work for You! Take advantage of the change of season to reorganize your shed.

When the seasons change, your needs change, too. Keep this in mind when you stock your shed and you’ll always have easy access to what’s most important.

Sort, Sort, Sort
I know it’s disruptive, but the best way to start organizing is to take everything out of your shed and sort! During the summer, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and without much thought, we stash it in the shed. By taking everything out, you can evaluate what you have, what you need, and when you might need it next. Remember: with a well-organized shed, you’re well on your way to completing your next to-do!


Clean Up and Out


Clean Up and Out
While the shed is empty, sweep away any debris, and make sure everything is in good, working condition. Decide what you can keep and whether anything needs replacement. Make sure you have enough of a given item to warrant saving. If there isn’t enough, it may be time to throw it away. Clean any items you plan to store, and check their expiration dates.


Know What Not to Store
Clutter can creep up on you. If you discover tools or other items that shouldn’t be stored in your shed, now’s the time to put them back where they belong! Move any products sensitive to cold temperature into a safe area inside your house. Check city or township guidelines for disposal rules if you need to throw anything away. Pet food or birdseed should be brought inside as well, since they can attract pests.

Winter: snow shovels, rock salt, sled, rakes. Evergreen: small tools, bicycles, sport equipment, chairs/cushions. Spring/Summer: hose reels, pool supplies, gardening gear, lawnmower.

Find Your Zones

When you repack your shed, think in terms of zones. The zones I use are Winter, Evergreen, and Spring/Summer. Place summer items toward the back. For example, you can stash hose reels, toys, pool supplies, gardening gear, your lawnmower—anything that you won’t need access to throughout the winter. Year-round items can be kept in the middle like small tools, bicycles, sports equipment, or chairs/cushions. You may want to collect some of your most frequently used tools to leave in a small Suncast deck box that you will have easy access to all year. The front is for your most-needed items for the season like rakes, snow shovels, rock salt, or sleds. Each season, cycle the zones and you’ll always have what you need close at hand.




Sheds are a great investment, but are only as useful as you enable them to be. Think about what your needs are in the fall and winter months and set yourself up for a great season!