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Grilled Turkey—A New Thanksgiving Favorite!Grilled Turkey—A New Thanksgiving Favorite!
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Grilled Turkey—A New Thanksgiving Favorite!

The holidays are right around the corner. Get grilling!

It’s the holiday season—time to fire up the grill! Not exactly what you’d expect to hear, right? Grilling a turkey can be a great way to infuse flavor into your holiday meal without straying too far from your traditional recipe. Your turkey will turn out tender and juicy, and the activity of grilling will help bring the party outdoors! So why not shake things up a little?


We all love a traditional, seasonal meal—and grilling can be a delicious and easy way to add a little spice to your holiday celebration. In addition to the unique smoky flavor, grilling will also help to free up some coveted oven space, so you can focus on perfecting those side dishes! While outdoors, Suncast’s Patio Storage and Prep Station will provide ample room to spread out and get to carving! And why not take advantage of a much-needed opportunity to catch some fresh air?

Food preparationFood preparation


First things first—make sure that you have all of your gear in order. This cooking method lends itself to either a gas or charcoal grill. You will need to be able to regulate your grill’s temperature for 2-3 hours so be sure to have either extra briquettes or a backup propane tank on hand (depending on which grilling method you choose). And don’t forget to keep your grill a safe distance from the house.


Turkey in tray on grillTurkey in tray on grill


Not sure what size turkey you need? A good rule of thumb is 1-1/2 pounds per person. Rinse and pat your turkey dry. Brush with oil, while seasoning inside and out. Traditional seasoning method calls for salt, pepper, herbs, and garlic, but you can adapt any combination to this method of cooking. However, you should not stuff your bird. For gas grilling, turn all burners to high, close the lid, and preheat for 10 to 15 minutes in order to bring the grill to 500–550°F. Next, turn your burners down to medium heat and place your turkey breast-side up in a roasting pan. Position the pan in the center of the rack. Keep your grill covered during cooking; basting and turning periodically. If you are cooking with charcoal, line briquettes along the sides of the grill in order to keep the area below the turkey clear. Place the turkey directly on the grill’s grate, positioning an aluminum pan underneath in order to catch the drippings. Be sure to keep the grill vents open.


Grilled turkey on serving plateGrilled turkey on serving plate


Cook 11–13 minutes per pound, or until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh (that is not touching bone) registers 180°F and the juices run clear. When cooking is complete, transfer your turkey to a platter and let it stand for 15 minutes before carving.


You’ll be thankful you tried this recipe—Happy Thanksgiving!