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Storage Capacity and Load Specifications

Storage Capacity and Load Specifications

Get details and specs for select storage solutions.

Cabinet tops and hose reel lids are not designed for storage. We recommend removing snow, leaves, and debris from tops and lids of any outdoor items. 

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Storage buildings and garden sheds have been engineered with floors strong enough to hold typical lawn equipment, such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, garden tractors, and snow blowers.

It is important that the load is evenly distributed. Adding support (such as 1/4” or 3/8” plywood) can help distribute weight to store heavier items. Other conditions, such as foundation and weight distribution, can affect the floor loading capacity.

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Maximum Shelf Load


Slat Wall System

Garage Installation: 100 pounds per slat evenly distributed.


Storage Building Installation: 75 pounds per slat evenly distributed.

Garage installation assumes the slat wall was fastened to wall studs using appropriate hardware.

Loft Shelf

50 pounds per shelf evenly distributed.

Use no more than three loft shelves per storage building.

Corner Shelf

40 pounds per shelf evenly distributed.


Wood Shelf

Wood boards 3/4” to 1” thick with 2” x 2” supports can hold 100 pounds when evenly distributed.

Plywood can be used.

Placed in the slots of the GS900.

Particleboard should not be used.

Note: All load strength suggestions assume proper assembly on a solid and level foundation as described in the Owner’s Manual.

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Yes, many models are suitable for occasional seating. Look for the “sturdy design for seating” label on the deck box carton (this excludes models such as the DB6300, DB6300B, DB8300, and DB10300).

Depending on the size, one or two people can sit on deck boxes: small deck boxes can hold one person (about 150 pounds); the larger deck boxes can hold two people (about 300 pounds). This assumes ordinary care will be used while sitting.

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