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Designing the Ultimate Backyard with HGTV's Matt Blashaw – Part 3 Picking the Right Plants

How to Pick the Right Plants for Your Backyard

Once all the heavy lifting is done and your hardscape is complete, it is finally time to bring in the beautiful greenery. The right plants can make your yard explode with life and color.

Be sure to carefully research your plants at the nursery before you install them. If you plant your precious greens too close together, you can end up losing 20 to 30 percent due to overcrowding. Research how tall and wide your plants will get so you can space them in your yard accordingly. Your yard landscaping should look pretty sparse at first. Don’t worry, it will grow into the garden of your dreams without throwing money down the drain. This is true when you hire a landscaper as well. Some landscapers just want to give you that “wow” factor when the job is done, but in a year your landscape will be spilling into one another and you will be forced to start tearing those precious plants out.


Potted plant Grass tuft

After the yard is planted, make sure to water really well at first until the plants are established. Make sure the hose is accessible and can be tucked away fast and kept out of sight. My favorite storage is the AquaWinder® auto rewind hose reel. It will help you easily water your newly installed softscape and then rewinds automatically at the push of a lever. It comes in different styles and colors to fit perfectly into any backyard design.


RSH125D hose reel RSW125D hose reel

“One of my favorite benefits is that when the hose is being wound back up, it will draw the leftover water out, so it can be used to water more plants during the winding process..”

Finally, when all the work is done, you’ll have a space that can be enjoyed more hours in the day and more seasons out of the year. The best part about it will be the feeling of accomplishment as you sit back and enjoy the yard you created.