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Tips to Easily Organize Your Garage with HGTV's Kitchen CousinsTips to Easily Organize Your Garage with HGTV's Kitchen Cousins

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Tips to Easily Organize Your Garage with HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins

Chances are the next time you walk into your garage, you’ll be struck by the amount of STUFF you have acquired that doesn’t have a home! I’m sure you know by now that we love organization, so when we had an opportunity to test out a set of Suncast garage storage cabinets, we were pumped.

John’s in-laws were in dire need of a garage overhaul and asked for our help. After 30+ years in the same home, they had accumulated quite a bit. We focused on creating a central hub of storage to replace their existing wire shelving. As you’ll see, we managed to transform their garage into a more efficient and organized space!

Check out the transformation below!



The garage before we got started.
We cleared the shelves and took everything down so we could plan the layout of the new system.


The unboxing of the Suncast cabinets went smoothly. It was very easy to understand how all the components fit together. With just a few basic tools, we built each cabinet one at a time. Pro tip: the large storage cabinets will be a lot easier to build and install with a partner. We recommend using a stud finder to locate the studs behind the wall before installing the hanging cabinets. You’ll want to make sure they’re attached to the wall securely enough to handle heavier items!



Make sure to leave enough space for the base cabinets below the hanging cabinets. We left 24” so the base cabinet could be used as a work surface with enough room for items to sit on top. Suncast’s 4’ slat wall system was a great addition for the items that were previously lying on the floor or leaning against a wall. Again, we made sure to find studs, so it was secured tightly to the wall. There are a variety of hooks available to use with the slat wall, making it easy to customize your space for a variety of tools and equipment.


At the end of the build, we were thrilled with all the extra space we had reclaimed for John’s in-laws. We were able to give them a clean, organized garage with storage space to spare!



Here are a few of our favorite features of the Suncast garage storage system:

  • In our tests, the resin material proved to be strong and durable. It stands up to scratches, dents, and rust, which is a must in any garage!
  • The metal-reinforced shelving resists bending under heavy weight. We were seriously impressed!
  • The units can be padlocked and the doors feature upper and lower latches so security is simple.