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Tips for a Cooler PartyTips for a Cooler Party
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Hot Coolers for Outdoor Entertainment

Hot take: not all coolers are created equal. Outdoor entertaining is an art form, and you’ll need dependable equipment if you want to host a party with staying power.

As an event planner, I make it my business to know my coolers from my koozies, and I’ve been on enough late-night ice runs to (hopefully) save you the hassle. Tip number one: consider your environment and the occasion—and plan accordingly.

For a backyard barbeque, you’re going to need a cooler that can multitask. Consider a complete entertaining station—the best options will boast a capacity of around 80 gallons (trust me, that’s plenty). Also be on the lookout for something with a split-lid design so you can make use of the countertop without blocking beverage access. Your thirsty guests will thank you.


Eating togetherEating together
Enjoying drinks and conversationEnjoying drinks and conversation


But what happens when you want to take the party on the road? Unless you’re renting an RV, a cooler station probably isn’t going to be realistic. Suncast's Cooler Cube is perfect for tailgating or car camping. It’ll fit a respectable 80 or so cans (or 60 bottles), but your mileage may vary depending on how much ice you use. If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, be sure to freeze or refrigerate everything ahead of time and ensure your cooler has a good, solid seal before departure.

Remember, outdoor entertaining is an art form, so do your thinking now. With a little preparation, you can make your next party a masterpiece.

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