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Customer Reviews, Vol 1Customer Reviews, Vol 1
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Product Reviews from the Suncast Community

Suncast designs hundreds of products to fit virtually any indoor and outdoor storage need. It can be tough to determine which one is right for your needs, so we reached out to our customers to learn more about their favorite products and the tricky challenges they helped solve. Here’s what we heard:


Keeping It Reel
AquaWinder® Auto Rewind Hose Reel

“I love how easy my AquaWinder is to use. The hose is readily accessible and can be put away quickly and easily. Now my yard is cleaner and my hose is kept tidy and tucked away at all times—it used to be a real eyesore! I liked this hose reel so much I actually bought a second one last year!”

Shocking Features!
Extra Large Deck Box

“I’ve had my deck box for three years now. My favorite feature is probably the gas shocks—it’s nice not to have to hold the lid open. It looks good and protects what’s inside all year round. Plus it's a great spot for visitors to place their bags when they come to use the pool.”


Extra large deck boxExtra large deck box


High Marks for a Tall Shed
Vertical Shed

“I needed a place to store my lawnmower and rakes—this shed was just the right size to fit my needs. I really liked the design and look of the shed. I’ve had it for four years now, and I’ve never had any water get in thanks to the resin roof and floor. I also love how easy the double doors make it to get everything in and out. Best of all, my shed looks pretty much the same as when I first put it together. The quality is great and it’s holding up well!”


Vertical shedVertical shed


A Yard Essential
Trash Hideaway

“This was my first Suncast product and I have purchased two others since! I use my TRASH HIDEAWAY® for recycling to help keep the bugs away. I love how easy the lid is to open. I’ve been using it for five years already and at this rate it will last forever!”