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Everyone Loves a Snow Day Now and ThenEveryone Loves a Snow Day Now and Then
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Everyone Loves a Snow Day Now and Then

Tips to turn a blizzard into a flurry of fun!

Sometimes a snow day is a welcome change of pace. And a little preparation can go a long way. The most important advice is to play it safe—stay close to home, have non-perishables at the ready, and keep warm with lots of layers of dry clothes. And finishing the day with a cup of hot cocoa or tea doesn’t hurt!

Large water bottleLarge water bottle


Stock Up
Don’t get caught off guard. In the event of a winter storm, it’s best to stay off the roads if possible. Do you have enough food and bottled water? Did you stock up on rock salt or ice melt? Shopping in advance allows you to avoid both the risk of driving during a storm as well as long lines and shortages at the store. Take stock of what you have on hand in advance and think about meals for the day. I really like to use a slow cooker on a snow day. You’ll welcome the hot fresh meal after being outdoors and be happy that it’s cooking while you’re out having fun!




Power On
Make sure you charge your phones in advance and collect important numbers you may need—utility providers, emergency contacts, neighbors, or the numbers for potential appointments that may require rescheduling. Check that you have spare flashlight batteries and a battery-powered cell charger in the event of a power outage, as well as a full tank of gas in your car.


Ice melter and shovelIce melter and shovel


Shoveling Tips & Tricks
It’s always important to take precautions when clearing your driveway and walkways of snow. The best place to start is with a pre-snow dusting of rock salt, ice melt, or coarse sand. This is a trick the road crews use to melt the ice when the snow begins to fall. Once the snow has accumulated, it’s best to shovel with a good quality, ergonomic shovel. A great choice would be the Suncast 18 in. Double Grip Ergonomic Combo. It has a no-stick blade, and ergonomic, bent handle with two grips for a higher lifting point for less stress on you and the blade.


Warm up first. Shoveling can be strenuous, so stretch before you start!


Shovel every few hours. Shoveling small amounts is easier and prevents snow from getting packed down.


Walk the snow with a pusher-style shovel rather than reaching or tossing and keep the shovel close to your body.


If you do lift the snow, use your knees and not your back, gripping the shovel with one hand on the handle and the other further down toward the blade. Avoid any twisting motions.