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How to Create a Pet-Friendly BackyardHow to Create a Pet-Friendly Backyard
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How to Create a Pet-Friendly Backyard—Make a safe and enjoyable space for your furry best friend.

Having a yard for your pet is a wonderful thing. But how do you keep your pet entertained and also safe? Here are some tips for creating a safe space in your yard so everyone can have a good time!

Provide Plenty of Shade and Water
Dogs need a place to cool down and refresh, even in normal temperatures. Consider a Suncast dog house, and keep lots of clean water around. Check the yard for any standing water as dogs will consider that their drinking bowl, which is not safe!


Dog drinking water and a dog houseDog drinking water and a dog house


Fence If Possible
Even the best, most well-trained dog can get distracted—or worse, another animal can enter your property. Best to fence the entire perimeter if possible. At minimum, create a fenced-in play area. Check online or with your local hardware store for recommendations on fencing materials.


Provide Digging Areas
Some dogs just love to dig. Create an area or set out a child's sandbox where digging is allowed. Your best material is sand, gravel, or bark. Some mulch is dangerous to pets, so do your research before using mulch.


Digging dogDigging dog


Keep Things Out of Reach
I can't emphasize this enough. Anything out is fair game to your pet! Keep trash cans secure (or better yet, use a Suncast Trash Hideaway), keep tools stored in your shed, and keep patio items in a deck box or storage cabinet.


Be Aware of Hazards to Your Pets
Read all labels to see if items are safe for pets. Avoid pesticides and certain mulches and outdoor products that may be harmful. Ensure that plants are non-toxic as well. And lastly, treat your pet for fleas and ticks, and keep up with all necessary vaccinations.


Trash canTrash can