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Declutter Your Decor with Lolly Jane's Kelli and KristiDeclutter Your Decor with Lolly Jane's Kelli and Kristi
Kelli and Kristi photoKelli and Kristi photo



Declutter Your Decor

Piles of boxes, bins, and bags for each holiday (or, if you're like us, seasonal decor too!) can easily take up precious storage space in closets, basements, garages, attics, or spare bedrooms. Create a designated spot to corral all of it outside to keep your living spaces clutter-free!



Benefits of a Decor Shed

We've talked about freeing up your indoor space for the holidays and how an outdoor gift wrap station does just that. We have SO MUCH decor since we love to go all out for the holidays. We typically store it in our outdoor shed but it's been getting dusty since it shares a space with tools that help maintain our acreage. When I told my husband I was getting a decor-only shed to put closer to the house, he said, "You mean I won't have to step all over it to get my mower out?" HA! He was pretty thrilled about the separation.


When decorating this year, consider styling your shed. It'll help blend your outdoor spaces with your indoor decor.When decorating this year, consider styling your shed. It'll help blend your outdoor spaces with your indoor decor.


A Shed Can House More Than Just Tools

When decorating this year, consider styling your shed. It’ll help blend your outdoor spaces with your indoor decor. Think of your bulky holiday decorations, different sizes of seasonal signs and hard to store items like planters. Don't use valuable indoor space for those items, bring them outside!

My front porch is always decked out for the seasons but storing it all is a total pain. My two Christmas trees take up a ton of space in the shed and are constantly getting dirty from our camping and beach supplies. Since we got rid of the craft room, my craft supplies have been taking up space in the laundry room. I organized as much as I could in a small closet, but it's been nice to free up much-needed indoor space by storing it outdoors.


Fall decor and a Suncast shedFall decor and a Suncast shed


Maximize Storage Space Utilizing an Outdoor Shed

Here are our top tips to keep your decor shed organized:

  • Clear bins: We found these clear bins at our local hobby store. You can see what's inside immediately and don't have to dig.
  • Open baskets: Wire-rimmed laundry baskets are great for coralling hard to store items like witch brooms for the holidays. Wrap them up if you're worried about cobwebs or dust.
  • Door hangers: Out of season wreaths hung on inexpensive doors hangers are great for storing wreaths on the inside of the doors when not in use.

*PLEASE NOTE: don't store delicate decorations in the shed since it's not guaranteed to stay 100% weather-tight. Durable decorations like string lights, lanterns, outdoor wreaths, figurines, etc. are the best options for outdoor storage.


Why resin? Looks amazing; built to last; easy cleanup.Why resin? Looks amazing; built to last; easy cleanup.


Why You Should Use Resin Sheds

These days, sheds are not simply storage boxes. With a little creativity, they can double as a focal point in your yard or garden, adding a defining element to your outdoor space.

  • They look amazing: They’re designed in a wide variety of styles to suit any homeowner's taste. Bonus: you can combine coordinating Suncast products so styles always align.
  • They’re built to last: They can stand up to adverse weather conditions without rusting or rotting. Plus, they'll resist dents, scratches and bends.
  • Cleanup is easy: Just grab a hose and mild soap to wash away dirt and grime.

We hope we've inspired you to bring your decorations outdoors, both to get organized and to get stylish! xo

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