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Creating a Holiday Light ExtravaganzaCreating a Holiday Light Extravaganza
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Creating a Holiday Light Extravaganza

Make your home the envy of the whole neighborhood

Whether you’re hunkered down in a huge home or cozy condo, ‘tis the season to show off your holiday spirit with a spectacular array of lights. When it comes to catching the eyes and imagination of the neighborhood, there is no single best approach—use your creativity and take advantage of your space and you’ll be well on your way to an epic display. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind as you plan your masterpiece:

Colored lightsColored lights


Color is King
The holidays are a magical time of year for kids and adults alike—we love using as many different colored lights as possible to help make our outdoor spaces whimsical and fun for all! If you only have room for a strand or two, consider seeking out multi-colored light sets to create a vibrant and festive atmosphere outside your home. More space means more options—from inflatable snowmen to illuminated trees, bushes, and beyond. Aim to use different colors in specific areas to help each section pop. Or group a variety of colors together to create a wonderland of luminescence! 


Think Like a Neighbor
Consider the perspective of passersby as you plan your holiday light display. Look at your home from the street and you’ll get a better sense of how many strands you’ll need and which areas need the most attention. Once your setup is complete, be sure to put your lights on a timer (or remember to unplug everything before you go to bed!). You don’t want to keep the whole neighborhood up with your wonderful work!



Spring Storage
Once the holidays have come and gone, you’ll need a safe, dry place to store your lights until next year. Suncast has a wide variety of storage solutions that fit the bill, from garage storage cabinets to sturdy sheds and deck boxes. Wherever you put your lights, be sure to wrap each strand individually to avoid knots and tangles, then bundle them in a plastic container to keep the components dry. Finally, store your container or containers in one easy-to-access spot to ensure quick retrieval next winter!