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Give your garden an edgeGive your garden an edge
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Give Your Garden an Edge—Home improvement never looked so good!

Looking for an easy, affordable, and effective solution to define your garden beds? Landscape edging provides the definition you need and creates a clean look that keeps mulch and soil in, weeds and grass out, and makes maintenance so much easier.

Curb Appeal
Worried about curb appeal? Landscape edging is the perfect solution for adding a clean, finished look to your landscape design. It’s functional as well, providing a visible barrier to keep your beds safe from unwanted traffic. Plus, it keeps mulch and soil from spilling out onto your lawn, provides a barrier against weeds and grass, and creates a clean line for mowing and trimming. We recommend Suncast coiled edging—it comes in different colors and finishes, and is made from a strong, flexible material that conforms to your space.


Purple flowers in a flower bedPurple flowers in a flower bed


What You Need to Get the Job Done!

  • Spade
  • Utility scissors
  • Edging connectors
  • Rubber mallet
  • Metal stakes


Gardening toolsGardening tools


Installs in a Snap
There are several applications for installing dig-in resin edging. All methods require pushing a spade straight down into the soil about 6 inches deep and, with a back-and-forth motion, creating a trench. Essentially, you’ll be placing the coiled edging in the trench against the lawn-side and backfilling with soil or rocks. Due to variances in style & setup, it is recommended that you follow the specific installation instructions included in your edging selection.


Multi-colored flowers in flower bedsMulti-colored flowers in flower beds


Tips and Tricks

  • Install when soil is moist
  • Leave material flat in the sun to help make it more pliable
  • Use a garden hose, chalk, or spray paint to map out shape
  • Don’t forget your stakes