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Create an Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrap Station Create an Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrap Station

Create an Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Station—Recycle, reuse, and de-clutter!

Take inventory, organize, and get to work! A well-stocked gift-wrapping station and a little inspiration are all you need for surprising and memorable holiday gift wrap!

Be Prepared
It’s that time of year again—back-to-back holidays from Halloween to New Year’s Day! For the next few months, you will be making holiday decorations, preparing meals, and entertaining family and friends. Prepare yourself for holiday gift wrapping by first taking stock of what you have on hand so you don’t have to make that stressful, last-minute dash to the store. First, find a staging area in your house, lay everything out, and get creative!


Create a Gift-Wrapping Station
Do you have a place you can repurpose as a gift-wrapping station? Create a space well-stocked with everything you need—and make sure it’s organized and ready to use! One option is to use a combination of Suncast storage cabinets—this will provide a nice-sized surface to work on, as well as storage to keep everything close at hand. Once you decide on a dedicated space, the next step is to find any unused items that can be repurposed as clever wrapping for your gifts!


Storage organization


Think Outside of the (Gift) Box
Search the house for all sorts of items you can use—it could be in a kitchen recycling bin, something in your kids’ rooms, or even a garage storage unit. Do you have an extra pillowcase? That could be great for a large or oddly shaped item. Do you have newspapers or shopping bags bound for the recycling bin? These can be cut, painted, decorated, and used as wrapping paper for just about anything. Taking a walk? Keep an eye out for twigs or small pinecones you can use to decorate your packages. There are possibilities all around you!


Craft supplies arrayed on a table top


Match Your Wrap to Your Gift

Do your kids have any artwork you can repurpose as wrapping paper for a grandparent or teacher? Do you have any old magazines you can use for a kitchen or house gift, or a map or atlas for a travel-themed gift? How about an extra tea towel to wrap around a home-baked gift to take to a friend? By pairing your wrapping with what’s inside, you create a lovely extension of the gift.


Use Your Imagination and Enjoy the Results!

  • Try paint, markers, or stamps to transform paper bags into wrapping paper
  • Find natural items like twigs or pinecones to use as decoration on plain paper
  • Attach small ornaments with ribbon for that little something extra
  • Create your own labels or write directly on the packages with creative lettering
  • Use fabric as either wrap or cut into strips for bows
  • Buttons and baker’s string can make a great addition to your package
  • Find the comics or puzzle section of your newspaper for even more fun


By being organized and ready with lots of unusual materials, you can have fun personalizing your gifts. And the thought you put in to wrapping will be appreciated by all!


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