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5 Ways to Store More in Your Garage5 Ways to Store More in Your Garage
Eric Y.Eric Y.


5 Ways to Store More in Your Garage

Level up the hardest working space in your home

Don’t let a great garage go to waste! Regardless of what your storage needs are, a garage can be one of the best places to stow your items. You’ll be thrilled with all of the extra room gained in the house, along with the sense of accomplishment knowing just how hard your newly organized space will work for your family. Here are our top five space-saving storage strategies for your garage:

Snowy garageSnowy garage


Consider Your Space
Garages come in all shapes and sizes—which means your floorplan is key to creating an efficient storage solution. It’s a good idea to select a few cabinets that range in size. Short to tall, small to large, mix and match them to maximize your space. Closed cabinets are ideal to ensure your items remain cool and dry. Most importantly, be sure to leave three feet of clear space between cabinets and cars so they are readily accessible.


Garage slat wall organizationGarage slat wall organization


Put Your Walls to Work
Looking to free up floor space? Consider hanging cabinets or a slat wall system with accessories like baskets, hooks, and bins to make organization a breeze. Most are easily mounted to drywall or studs, and can be customized to meet your needs. Plus, by freeing up floor space, you'll have more breathing room for your car or workshop! 


Hide Your Clutter
Closed cabinets work well if you'd like to hide some of your unsightly items. Consider what you want to store before you select your cabinets—do you have oversized tools? A little advanced planning will help to ensure that you have the perfect storage solution. You may even consider locking your cabinets to keep the contents secure, especially if you have young children.


Color-coded binsColor-coded bins


Get Creative
One great method for staying organized is to color code your bins. First, start with three identical bins. Next, identify the type of items that will be stored and designate each bin with a unique label color—blue for tools, green for supplies, purple for crafts, for instance. This will help you locate important items at a glance, and it’s great for keeping clutter at bay! 


Explore Additional Accessories
From adjustable ceiling storage shelves to slat wall sections and beyond, there’s no shortage of creative ways to implement hanging storage. Fully utilizing the perimeter is one of the best ways to make use of smaller garages. We call it skinny storage because it can keep your items flat against the wall, taking up less of your valuable space!