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“One of the biggest things the zoo needs is storage. We have a big facility, so we need storage everywhere we can find it.”
—Eric Donovan, Elmwood Park Zoo Chief Operating Officer

Suncast is proud to partner with Elmwood Park Zoo, an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited conservation organization located in Southeast Pennsylvania whose mission is to inspire an appreciation for wildlife and provide a better home for endangered and rescued animals.

As part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP), Elmwood Park Zoo rehabilitates animals for a return to the wild, and provides a permanent home for those who cannot safely do so. Often, these animals include exotic pets whose owners cannot continue caring for them.

Elmwood Park Zoo’s experts work around the clock to keep these feathered, scaled, and furry creatures happy and healthy, and there is no shortage of care, knowledge, and support (and yummy food!) for the zoo’s residents. The one thing the team is always in need of, though, is more storage—and that’s where we come in!

Suncast has teamed up with Elmwood Park Zoo to solve some of their storage needs. We’re donating deck boxes, storage sheds, hosereels, and rakes, to ensure that the Zoo staff can spend less time worrying about tools and storage and more time doing what they do best!

Check out the videos to see the Suncast products in action and learn about the impact they have had (and will continue to have) on the staff, visitors and residents at Elmwood Park Zoo—plus, get a look at some of the furry, feathered and four-legged friends we made at the zoo!

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